We can’t all smell like roses every minute of every day, right?

Exercising or forgetting to apply your daily dose of deodorant isn’t always the culprit. Body odor can also be a cause of food or unclean clothes.

To combat this sometimes embarrassing effect, try these natural cures:

1. Choose natural fabrics such as cotton. It absorbs perspiration better than synthetic fabric because sweat evaporates off of the fabric.

2. Forgo the garlic and onions as they can cause bad breath and cling to your hair, body, and your clothes.

3. Apply some apple cider vinegar because it is a natural underarm deodorant. It can be applied directly to your skin to fight body odor.

4. Cut back on meat because protein extracts and oils can remain in your body excretions long after your meal. They, in turn, can give off an odor.

5. Benefit from good bacteria like taking a daily dose of acidophilus to beat body odor. It is a natural digestion aid, also known as a probiotic bacteria.

Good health comes with good eating habits, enjoy life odor-free with a good diet, and get a good health.

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