Rules are meant to be broken

And there are a number of rules for marriage that have been passed down from generation to generation. Missing sparks in a marriage leads to divorce – actually, a couples’ relationship goes through many stages and the fireworks cannot last forever.

A marriage is not doomed because the spark may be missing. What studies have shown is that the happiest long-term marriages are based on friendship. Commitment and companionship between couples is invaluable.

You must share the same interests and hobbies – marriages have been found to blossom when each person has something new to contribute. Teaching each other new things can keep your marriage vibrant.

Don’t go to bed angry – sometimes agreeing to disagree for the night is alright when progress isn’t being made. Heart rate and emotions are high so taking time to “step away” is helpful. Put the conclusion on hold until you are both ready to solve the issue.

Fighting leads to divorce – couples that do not fight are more likely to divorce than those that do. Research shows that fighting in a mature way can help to solve issues.

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