With summer almost over, is your family trying to get out of town one more time before school starts?

Before you head out the door for exciting travel destinations, be sure to think of kids’ health. Preparation means everything when it comes to family health issues and you can do things to keep them from becoming health emergencies.

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Maintain your child’s health while on vacation with these tips.

If your child has a pre-existing condition such as asthma or diabetes, don’t forget to pack both your rescue and controller medicines along with the contact information of your pediatrician. Should your child experience serious health issues while you are abroad, try packing more than you think you’ll need. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Also, it’s a good idea to keep all medications in a handy location, especially if you are traveling by plane or train. Carry-on bags have great storage compartments that are perfect for easy-to-reach situations. Should your checked baggage become lost, at least you know that your child will have his medicine.

As for clean socks and underwear, well, that could be another story!

Perhaps your child does not have a pre-existing condition but experiences some health issues while you are traveling. Many national and international travel destinations have a highly qualified team of professionals who will be happy to help get your child healthy and get your family back on vacation.

Before arriving at your destination, jump online, and to see what health clinics are working in that area. If you see one of interest, be sure that they focus on pediatric medicine. Jot down their location, hours of operation, and payment options for health issues. Many travel destinations have family-friendly health clinics and many specialize in kids’ health only. Should something happen, you will be prepared.

While you are doing some homework on health clinics and worldwide travel destinations, consider the possibility of medical tourism for your child’s health issues. Many parents opt to travel to countries such as Mexico, India, and Israel as well as to regions like Asia and South America for patient-elected care.

Wherever you go, be sure to select a health clinic that specializes in pediatrics and is in a safe, easy to get to the location.

Request treatment statistics from the provider and be sure that they are able to provide the following:

  • Large rooms with space for a parent to stay with their child during and after treatment.
  • Interpreters for clear and concise communication and instructions.
  • Playrooms for pediatric patients and siblings who may be in tow.
  • Treatment counseling for the entire family.

Many Medical Tourism clinics offer the following for pediatric care:

  • Cancer treatments.
  • Burn victim care.
  • Treatments for severe anemia.
  • Laparoscopic gastric band surgery – This is for adolescents and teens who are under the age of 16. Please note that it is not approved by the US FDA.
  • Orthodontics – This is the branch of dentistry that focuses on straightening teeth and aligning jaws. Mexico is one of the best travel destinations for orthodontics in the world. In fact, with rising costs of orthodontics in the United States, many parents find the competency of the dentists to be on par with North American dentists for a fraction of the cost. For around $900, you can have braces put on your child’s teeth in Mexico and tightened in the States for $100. When it’s time to take them off, hop on a plane and include the highly anticipated occasion in your family vacation. And don’t forget to take a before and after photographs for the family travel blog!

Whether you need emergency health care for your child while traveling or you consider medical tourism as a positive and affordable option, you will find that countless family travel destinations will offer you outstanding facilities and services.  When dealing with kids’ health and pre-existing health issues or pre-elected medical treatment nothing could be better than turning it into a fun family vacation!

Kids Health Issues – Family Travel Destinations with Health Clinics

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