For couples who want to get pregnant

Some may choose the In-Vitro Fertilization process (IVF). It is an expensive and invasive process that involves the mixing of embryos with sperm outside of the body, but it has helped create many families.

In-vitro fertilization is often the last option for couples who want to get pregnant. If a doctor recommends IVF for pregnancy, a woman may receive daily injections of fertility hormones. Her eggs will be tested to see if they are ready for removal and if so, then she will be mildly sedated. Using a hollow needle, the doctor will remove the eggs.

The spouse or mate will donate sperm that is then mixed with the eggs. Once the embryos are ready, they are injected into the uterus. An in-vitro fertilization doctor may want to inject 4 eggs at a time to increase the chance of pregnancy. Keep in mind that this can lead to multiple pregnancies and the increased possibility of health risks to the mother or the babies.

For those couples or individuals thinking to go through the IVF pregnancy process this video gives the basics that you will go through  Watch video…

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