Couples who try to have a baby and conceive

In a month or two usually have no idea what the pain of infertility brings. The testing that the couple may go through, then the excitement that pregnancy may result and subsequent disappointment if it doesn’t happen is very hard to handle emotionally. Couples in this situation may not even think twice about the cost of donor eggs.

Infertility and the Cost of Donor Eggs in the US

When everything else has been tried, the cost of donor eggs is worthwhile.

Those who have not had problems conceiving may not understand that a couple would be willing to pay many thousands of dollars to buy donor eggs. To the couple who has given up all hope of having a baby, other than finding a donor, the cost of donor eggs is a small price to pay for having their own child. They may dream of a baby who looks like them, has their talents, and intellectual ability. When they find the donor who is a good match for the woman, they do whatever they can to come up with the money to make the purchase. If they have a baby in less than a year, they will probably never look back and consider the amount of money that they paid. Having their own child is priceless for most couples.

What expenses do the receivers pay?

A woman who donates is supposed to be paid for her time and trouble, not whether the procedure results in another woman’s pregnancy. The cost of donor eggs involves more than just paying a fee to the donor. If she lives out of town, the couple must pay her traveling and other expenses while she is in their location for the procedure. She will need daily shots to postpone her menstrual period so that she can get on the same menstrual schedule as the future mother. Then, she will be on fertility drugs so that she can produce 15 or more eggs rather than the one that she would naturally produce each month. She will have a procedure to harvest the eggs once they are ready to be removed, and she will need follow-up care as well. Only those will substantial savings or another means of paying could afford the cost of donor eggs. Nevertheless, people take home equity loans, borrow from relatives, and do anything that they can to have a baby, including paying for the eggs that they so desperately need.

So what is the cost of donor eggs?

Besides paying the donor’s medical and traveling expenses, the couple must pay her legal fees, legal fees, and other charges that fertility clinics often have. The total cost of donor eggs is usually $12,000 to $15,000, and that is if the donor is only paid $5,000 or so. College campuses are advertising for students to donate eggs. College campuses are a great resource for potential donors since students are both intelligent and young. Donors who donate for the first time are typically paid slightly less than those who have donated before. Also, women whose eggs frequently result in pregnancies are sometimes paid more.

Article Source: The Cost of Donor Eggs is Worthwhile to Those Who Want a Child.
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