It has been found that people generally always make jokes about constipation

But if you are the one who is suffering then it’s not a joke. Constipation in simple terms is an inability to move your bowels. It gives way to a miserable feeling. You feel sluggish, bloated, and often also have a slight headache.

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Take good care of your digestive system and avoid constipation.

Our body is so designed that waste products need to quickly move out of the digestive system. And hurdles in the process can lead to several other problems.

There are several causes that can give way to constipation, but the root cause has always been the lack of moisture in the digestive system. Some other causes of constipation can be weakened muscles in the abdomen, irregular meals, a diet rich in low fiber, etc. Some of the common symptoms of constipation are dull aching sensations, a knot in the abdomen, stomach grinding, etc.

It is very difficult to state the normal routine for the bowel movements of the human body. Some can straight away tell on your face that it’s normal to have a bowel movement every 3 to 4 days on the other hand you can also come across people who light themselves 3 times a day. So it all depends on the body, the digestive system, and its functions. There is no need to bother if you go a day without a bowel movement.

But if the skipping days become routine, then there is definitely a need for a cure.

There are a lot of treatments and therapies through which severe constipation can be cured. But if you back in some natural ways and keep your digestive system proper, you will never report the problem ever.

The primary cure for constipation has always been water. The function of water is to break down the food and help the body digest system. Individuals should drink at least 10-12 glasses of water during the day so to provide the body with the required moisture. When you wake up in the morning, immediately drink 2 to 3 glasses of lukewarm water. Please don’t drink cold water as it slows down the body process. Moreover, it is also necessary that after you drink water, don’t get back to sleep again or simply sit down. It is necessary to stand upright and move around. You can read the newspaper, move around, do some kitchen chores, etc. The logic behind is that when one drinks water, it immediately kicks the digestive system and starts the bowel movements.

Some other natural ways to prevent constipation are:

  • Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water, add some salt and drink empty stomach. It acts as a cleaning agent.
  • Eats lots of fruits and vegetables so that they can get enough fiber. Dried fruits and nuts like prunes, raisins, and apricots are rich in fiber.
  • Try consuming a glass of hot water, coffee, or tea. The heat of the liquid starts the digestive system and the bowel movement.
  • Regularly perform exercises and yoga. Even walking and jogging helps.

Read more on how to relieve constipation here.

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