While journeying through life one has to make endless adjustments

With many unexpected perplexing, difficult situations. In childhood and youth, one has other adults around to guide the way. As adults, the feeling that one is in charge of help in tackling such situations.

Growing old

But the elderly have no one to guide and at every step of the way they are made to realize that they most definitely are not in charge – so where do they go from there?

The problem gets accentuated especially as the world ceases to have any resemblance to what the elderly were once accustomed to and changes at a bewildering pace with each passing day. From the grim picture that comes to light, it would appear that Anthony Powell was not very far off the mark when he wrote, “Growing old is like being increasingly penalized for a crime you haven’t committed.”

This is a grim reality though the contrary should have been true. The twilight years ought to have been the best years of a person’s life; freed from the responsibility of having to make a living, one finally has all the time to actually live – “sit in shade/reliving the good old times/letting bad memories fade.”

Article Source Old Age Problems.

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