As our world seems to shrink in size due to technological advances

Accessibility to breaking news and information becomes easier to obtain. This easy-to-reach accessibility, usually from the Internet, includes the medical industry and its progress. It empowers the average person with current information on medical advances and service availability.

Global health is coming to the forefront of the international health care community and with the advantages of tourism worldwide, medical tourism has gained popularity when it comes to providing quality care in quality health centers and hospitals in numerous countries around the world.

Typically, global health is concerned with the medical condition as well as care and ongoing research of causes and treatments. Many agencies around the world concern themselves with global health as they look for ways to assist medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, and home care providers) with improved patient care on a worldwide medical stage. Among them are the United Nations Millennium Declaration, UNICEF and The World Health Organization.

However, times are changing and the term ‘global health’ is taking on a second definition, one that includes medical tourism and the quality health care that can be provided.

So, what is ‘medical tourism’? It is any procedure performed outside of an individual’s normal care that requires a person to travel to obtain it. What used to be an elite opportunity for the ‘rich and famous’ is now common practice for those who want first-class treatment for a lower cost.

For those who travel to benefit from the advantages of medical tourism, making medical options “made to order”.

Many patients elect to travel, taking in the advantages of tourism in such countries as India, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Israel for cosmetic surgery, dental work, joint replacements, and permanent weight loss solutions. They will get the same high-quality health care treatment from a reputable physician at a fraction of what it may cost for the same procedure within their own borders.

For example, to get a crown in the U.S. may cost $1000 but to receive one in Mexico for only $250. Having a hip replacement in India would cost around $10,000-20,000 instead of the higher U.S. prices ranging from $40,000-60,000.

In the days of rising medical costs, it is not difficult to understand why medical tourism is a cost-effective solution. Not only that but medical tourism providers are able to apply competitive rates, the same quality care with quality health experts, state-of-the-art treatments, private and luxurious accommodations in world-class facilities as well as the ability to wrap it up into a vacation package perfect for couples and families.

A patient’s medical tourism ‘order’ can come complete with airfare, post-treatment care, out-patient care, and follow-up communication with hospitals in their community back home. And these are just some of the advantages of tourism when seeking medical attention!

Many of the U.S. best health care providers are affiliating themselves with global health care agencies in desirable retirement destinations. This ensures consistent quality care in service, accommodations, physician care, and research. One such provider is John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

They are now aligned with Hospital Punta Pacifica in Panama City, Panama.

Visiting these types of locations can give you the advantages of tourism while receiving hospitals in quality health facilities with quality care professionals for an elective or serious health condition. You have the peace of mind to work with highly qualified professional providers and this is just one of many international quality health care provider examples.

While these are voluntary procedures, many patients benefit from the advantages of tourism for conditions that they cannot receive in their home country. Perhaps their insurance does not cover the high cost of surgery, their insurance deductibles are sky-high or another country may have discovered a new technique not yet available in their local area.

Whatever the reason may be, thousands of people are traveling to hospitals in search of quality care solutions. The time is now to look into what medical tourism can do for you and how hospitals in our association can help you live a happy and healthy life!

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