The rising health care cost

Coupled with the current state of the economy have prompted many consumers across the globe to delay care, alter household spending, and worry about their ability to pay for future health care costs, according to the 2011 U.S. and Global Survey of Health Care Consumers.

Deloitte | 2011 U.S. and Global Survey of Health Care Consumers' Behaviors

Health Care Consumers delay costs according to Deloitte.

Since 2008, the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions has conducted its annual survey of health care consumers to assess their behaviors, attitudes, and unmet needs, and to quantify year-to-year changes.

A new trend that emerged this year suggests that economic uncertainty has clearly altered spending habits with many consumers reporting an impact on their out-of-pocket health care expenses.

More than half of all respondents from the 12 countries surveyed, with the exception of the United Kingdom (24 percent) and Canada (39 percent), reported household spending on health care limits their ability to spend on other household essentials.

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