In a globalizing world, public health is no longer confined to national borders

In recent years we have observed an increasing movement of patients across international borders. The full extent of this trend is yet unknown, as data is sparse.

Patients Across Borders - Challenges and Opportunities for Public Health

Medical travel or the chase for healthcare deals.

If this trend continues, experts are convinced that it will have major implications for public health systems around the globe. Despite the growing importance of medical travel, we still have little empirical evidence on its impact on public health, especially on health systems.

This paper summarizes the most recent debates on this topic.

It discusses the main forces that drive medical travel and its implications on health systems, in particular, the impacts on access to health care, financing, and the health workforce.

This paper also offers guidance on how to define medical travel and how to improve data collection.

It advocates for more scientific research that will enable countries to harness benefits and limit the potential risks to public health arising from medical travel.

Public Paper: The movement of patients across borders: challenges and opportunities for public health.

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