Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine used dream therapy

And encouraged his patients to have healing dreams. Likewise, Aristotle suggested a doctor could diagnose patients’ illnesses by listening to them talk about their dreams.

Can Dreams Signal Health Issues?

And even today some scientists see a connection. They believe that health-related, or “prodromal”, dreams occur when the body’s cells detect minor chemical abnormalities and send warning signals through the nerves to the brain.

The subconscious mind, which is much more adept at picking up these signals than the conscious mind, then expresses them in the form of dreams.

Learn to read the signals:

For example, if you dream of being hit on the head, it may mean you’ve got a migraine coming on; if you dream about someone changing a flat tire or putting out a fire, your body may be fighting an infection; if you’re allergic to cats and you suddenly begin dreaming that you’re petting one, you may be developing an allergy to something else.

Dreams of collapsing houses, intruders, or ambushes can also be signs of illness. As for positive dreams, newness, flowers, and housecleaning often represent a return to health.

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