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Health Team Solutions

Health Team Solutions products help drive revenue and increase lead conversion by developing a global marketing strategy with an execution plan. The plan is centered around a first-class marketing, communication, sales and case management team that is developed in the Health Solutions work flow process.

Health Team Solutions products enables a company to market directly to potential clients and patients, creating the advantages and benefits of reduced costs, controlled branding, consistent and professional marketing messages, pricing, continuous process improvement and increased scalability.

Global Health Care Memberships (GHCM)
Product Code: GHCMA100
Global Health Care Access to the MTM Provider Network

Health Coach (HCBS) Maintenance Fee
Product Code: HCBSS310
Health Coach (HCBS) Monthly Maintenance

Health Coach Account License Fee
Product Code: HTSHCA00

Health Coach Account License and User Fee

Health Coach Business System (HCBS)
Product Code: HCBSS300
Virtual Business System Health Coach Account

Health Coach Manager Account License Fee
Product Code: HTSHCM00

Health Coach Manager Account License and User Fee

Health Solutions - Chatter License Fee
Product Code: HTSSF100
Health Coach Subscription Package - Virtual Office Tool