Why Being Vegetarian Changed My Health

By: Amethyst Thomas

 I believe choosing the best diet varies on an individual basis. There are many different factors pertaining to your health and also the molecular structure of your body that will help you in determining the best way to cater to your needs.


Choosing What is Best For You

If you divide all the nationalities in the world into 4 generic categories (African American, Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic) there are 8 blood types that encompass the entire human race. Theoretically speaking, if you split those down into blood type groups you can get a general synopsis of what foods are the most and least beneficial for you:

  • Type A ( The Agrarian) – Would flourish on a vegetarian diet, and should eat a diet rich in plants
  • Type B ( The Nomad) – Benefit from a well balance of green vegetables and lean meat such as venison, lamb, goat, and rabbit but should avoid pork and chicken and things such as wheat, corn, lentils, and tomatoes
  • Type AB ( The Enigma) – Thrive on seafood, tofu, dairy, beans & grains
  • Type O – ( The Hunter) – Require a high protein diet based on meat, fish, poultry & certain fruits and vegetables

My personal opinion is that it is always good to be aware of the genetic implications passed down in your lineage in order to better understand what is required to provide yourself optimal health. However, there are other reasons why people have considered going vegetarian such as for spiritual/ religious practices or those whom view it strictly from a moral standpoint.

Why I Choose Meat Free

Growing up I was raised on a high protein diet, but although I frequently indulged on large quantities of meat, I always subconsciously felt compassion in my heart towards the animals I was consuming. I always had a strong desire to live a vegetarian lifestyle but without the support of my parents until I was the age of 19 I was unable to do so. Once I was living on my own and realized I was in full control of what I choose to put in my grocery cart and inside of my body I decided enough was enough and from that day forward I was no longer able to justify the need to eat anything that was birthed into the earth. I am now going on my 4th year being Vegetarian, and I have fluctuated from being Lacto Vegetarian, to Lacto Ovo Vegetarian, to Pesco Vegetarian, but ultimately I have chosen to stay for the most part mainly Lacto Vegetarian because the hardest part for me is giving up my cheese!!

The Good and The Not So Good

Going cold-turkey from meat like I did is not for everybody, but even for me I have noticed a few pro’s and con’s to converting to a meatless diet.



  • Better Digestion
  • Clearer Skin
  • More Energy/ less Fatigue
  • Better Health
  • Stabilized to a Healthy Weight
  • Increased Workout Capability
  • Increased breathing ability and lung strength
  • Reduction of Acid Reflux pain during jogs/runs
  • More Anemic at Times
  • Less enjoyment at family functions e.g. Thanksgiving & Barbeques
  • More Costly Grocery List
  • Less Fast Food Options

In spite of the fact that us human beings can innately uncover the good and bad in most circumstances, I firmly believe going vegetarian was the most positive decision I have made for my health. Being vegetarian triggered a ripple effect of being more conscientious about how I care for my body. Which is not limited to small steps like doing the “Big Chop” and going chemical free with my hair, getting on a more alkaline diet e.g. drinking 8+ ph level water and eating less acidic foods, taking measures to decalcify my pineal gland by switching to non-fluoride toothpaste and applying lavender oil to my scalp in the mornings as a stimulant, and not to mention my catapult into Pranic Healing which is the balancing and healing of your energy body and chakra centers ,as well as, keeping my aura purified while I develop on my spiritual path.

All in all, Whether you chose to view vegetarianism as profitable to the Mind, Body and Soul, for health purposes, or if you choose to see no given reason to consider taking a shot at it at all, the results that I have seen thus far in all areas of my life have been enough for me to gratefully continue to avoid consuming anything that bleeds. Being a B+ blood type has made the conversion very easy on me, but in the end it is all about Balance and most importantly knowing what works best for you.

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