What is a Healthy BMI for You?

Are you curious if your weight is considered healthy or not?  The best way to find out is to get your BMI or Body Mass Index.  Based on a recent and complete BMI study of more than one million Americans, the following range of BMI has been determined healthy for women and men.

22.0-23.5 for women

23.5-25.0 for men

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What is a healthy BMI for you?

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, a person is considered overweight if they have a BMI over 25.0. This degree increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other serious health conditions and illnesses.

Medical research has consistently proven that overweight people who lose weight with exercise and/or dieting can make significant changes that decrease health risks.

To find out more and calculate your own BMI using your height and weight, click here.

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