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Why is Your Health The Most Important Thing?

Many doctors and health educators will agree your health is the most important thing in life. Happiness, family, spirituality, a good career, a beautiful home, money, vacations – these are all wonderful aspects of living as a human being, but how could you enjoy them fully without being in good health? Continue reading

The Power of Media Over Your Health – Nature VS Money

It’s not a secret that the media is supported by corporations, many of which promote medicinal drugs. And while drug commercials promote everything from cold cures to chronic disease relief, there are those who are looking for other alternative approaches to health, leery of the media’s promotion of conventional medicine. There are those who challenge the public to search for the connection between your health and the environment. Continue reading

Benefits of Healthy Relationships – Marriage and Your Health

We are all working to improve our health and appearance–fad diets, working out for hours, fighting the signs of aging and popping vitamins all in the name of good health? But have we overlooked something that can bring us lasting health benefits? Studies have shown that one of the most important aspects to your health and wellbeing are healthy relationships, especially marriage. In fact, married couples enjoy significantly better health than those who aren’t.

Continue reading

The Best Wines for Your Health – Red Wine or White Wine

Much has been said about red wine and white wine and how they relate to your health. Some of the best wines in the world can help your heart with preventative care. A drink a day, especially of red wine, is believed by the medical community to have antioxidants that may better your health and prevent heart disease. Continue reading