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Steer Clear of White Foods – Weight loss – No White Foods Diet

If you are ready to shed a few extra pounds, you may be tempted to try anything to shape up. Perhaps you’ve tried a fad diet or renewed your gym membership, but have you considered avoiding white foods with the No White Food Diet? Continue reading

Lose Weight and Dieting – Healthy Foods + Healthy Diet = Weight Loss

From time to time we all want to shed a few pounds. Perhaps they piled on during the winter when we love to eat lots of warming foods and have not been as active as usual. Whatever the reason, we start looking for fast ways to lose weight, exercises for weight loss and dieting plans. Continue reading

Dieting Mistakes that Women Make and How to Lose the Weight for Good

What’s the secret to losing weight and keeping it off? There are so many varied opinions that it can make your head spin! One rule for weight loss is to eat fewer calories than you burn each day. This makes sense and seems to work, up to a point. But does that mean you could eat 1200 calories of cookies each day and lose weight? Continue reading