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Know More About Your Brain And How To Keep It Healthy

The brain is one of the most important part of the body. Since it’s so important, keeping it healthy should be a priority. The following is an outline of the ways one can keep the brain healthy.

Aerobic training has been found to increase connectivity in the temporal lobe in a year, in a group of college-aged young adults by simply walking. Meanwhile, a more vigorous intensity aerobic exercise, like running for 30 minutes, led to faster reaction times and vocabulary learning. Women who were aged 65 and over were less likely to develop cognitive decline if they were physically active.

The mental benefits of exercise are not just for adults, but for kids, too. Exercise is crucial for kids’ developing brains. Those who get more exercise tend to get better grades, have better concentration, and even get a better night’s sleep.
Exercise also spurs the development of new nerve cells and increases the connections between brain cells (synapses). This results in brains that are more efficient, plastic, and adaptive, which translates into better performance in aging animals. Exercise also lowers blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, fights diabetes, and reduces mental stress, all of which can help your brain as well as your heart.
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Food Affects Mood Through Chemicals in Your Brain Called Neurotransmitters

Food affects the chemicals in our brain these chemicals are called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters control several of the body’s functions including mood, appetite, thoughts, feelings and our behaviors. Continue reading

The Importance of Brain Fun and a Fun Brain

The human brain is the center of the nervous system and it controls our thoughts and emotions, our memories and decisions as well as our movements. You can think of it like the computer that stores our data, controlling how we as humans think and react. While much of the brain is understand, doctors and scientists are still trying to understand the complexities of the human brain. However, one thing is certain, fun brain activities and games help keep us alert and prevent aging and disease, adding much needed brain power. Continue reading

What You May Think Following Chemotherapy for Cancer

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How to Keep Your Brain Young and Healthy

Exercise is number one on the list to keep your brain young and healthy, it is as easy as walking. It is been found that mice that exercised the most experienced greater neuro-development than those mice that were sedentary. Continue reading